Does Your Attorney Focus Solely on Personal Injury Cases?

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You've just received your hospital bill after getting treatment for your injuries. You hope filing a claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company will help you cover your out-of-pocket expenses. Unfortunately, insurance companies do everything in their power to give as little settlement money as possible to accident victims. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawsuit is one way to pressure the insurance company. If the insurance company knows that your lawyer is not afraid to file a lawsuit and go to court, they are more likely to make an effort to settle your case fairly without requiring that a lawsuit be filed.

Working with a personal injury attorney will give you the best chance of achieving the results you want. Tom Copeland Law Firm takes personal injury cases just like yours. You won't have to travel far to meet with an attorney-we have offices in St. Augustine and Gainesville, FL. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

No two personal injury cases are alike

No two personal injury cases are alike

That’s why it’s crucial to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Turn to Tom Copeland Law Firm if you’re filing a personal injury lawsuit related to…

An auto accident: Head-on or rear-end collision | Hit-and-run | Drunk driving accident

Premises liability: Slip-and-fall/Trip-and fall | Negligent security | Nursing home or government liability | Dog bites and other animal liabilities

Product liability: Wrongful death | Manufacturing or design defect | Breach of warranty

This is just a sample of the kinds of cases we take. Let’s talk about what you’re going through. Contact our Gainesville or St. Augustine, FL office today.