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No Fee and No Cost Unless I Win For You!

No Fee and No Cost Unless I Win For You!

No Fee and No Cost Unless I Win For You!No Fee and No Cost Unless I Win For You!

Success Stories

$2,500,000 Post-lawsuit Settlement

For the family of a pedestrian who was struck and killed by a delivery driver while she was crossing the road. First, we discovered that the driver's company had a primary liability policy and an excess liability policy , then we collected policy limits from both policies.

$1,300,00 Settlement

In a motorcycle vs car crash. My client was riding his motorcycle through an intersection with a green light when the driver of a car coming from the opposite direction made an improper left turn in front of him.  The client suffered significant permanent injuries. We were able to recover $1,000,000 from the negligent driver's insurance company and $300,000 dollars directly from the negligent driver 

$1,000,000 Post-lawsuit Settlement

My client was a back seat passenger in a pickup truck that rear-ended a semi-truck on a dark rural highway at night. The driver of the pickup my client was in was initially charged with the accident but I hired the appropriate engineering expert to show that the lights on the ragged old semi-trailer were malfunctioning and flickered off just as the semi-truck  made  a  u-turn in the roadway. After depositions were taken in the case, the insurance company for the trucking company paid the policy limits to settle the case.

$995,000 Post-lawsuit Settlement

My client was a passenger in an SUV  traveling down a rural highway in broad daylight. The defendant driver was a 90 year old retired executive driving a rental car provided as part of his company retirement package. The elderly driver ran through a stop sign and struck the passenger side of the vehicle in which my client was riding. The impact caused the vehicle to roll over and my client was seriously injured. The company vigorously defended the case but relented and settled on the eve of trial.

$550,000 Settlement

My client was an elderly passenger in a non-emergency medical transport vehicle on her way to a doctor's appointment. The driver of the transport vehicle failed to secure the client's wheelchair in the van and when he braked abruptly during the trip (due to a red light) she was thrown forward and broke both legs below the knee. 

$300,000 Settlement

My client was a pet sitter for a local company. She was sent to the companies client's home to feed their cat. The cat food bowl was on the homeowner's back lanai which required the client to exit a sliding glass door and step down onto the lanai floor below. Unfortunately, the homeowner had recently placed a string rug on the floor of the lanai where anyone exiting the home would have to step on it. The rug had no anti-slip backing material on it and the lanai floor was tile. When the client's foot hit the rug, it shot out from under her foot causing her to fall awkwardly to the floor breaking both legs.   The homeowner's insurance company paid the policy limits.